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Shop Philosophy

Kids between the ages of 8-12 need an environment where they can have tactile experiences, experiment, play, construct, de-construct and tinker.  These spaces abound for young children, but as kids get older, parents become less tolerant of messes, and the mess-free draw of screens becomes irresistible, to both parent and child alike.


As I saw my household heading in this direction, I decided to start claiming the things other people were getting rid of and inviting kids to my garage to do with those things as they pleased.  Since I opened my garage, I have had the joy of cleaning up after all kinds of kids and seeing them form real-life bonds away from school drama, social media, and all of the other pressures kids this age face. 


The garage is now a safe, judgement-free, inspiring space for kids to find their voice as well as a repository for discarded materials that deserve a new life.  What could be better than that?

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