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Summer Camp

Workshops are open studio and unscripted.  Makers will have access to an always-changing assortment of upcycled materials, craft materials and tools.  If there's a week that fits your schedule but the theme doesn't appeal to your kid, know that they will have the freedom to do with the available materials whatever floats their boat.  

*We will eat lunch and play/make art outdoors at Maplecrest Park (across the street), weather permitting.

Week 1

July 1 - 5
9am - 2pm


Do you like to take things apart?  Have you ever wanted to make a  Rube Goldberg machine?  A cat food dispenser?  You never know what cool inventions might come out of your brains until you try!

Week 2

July 8 - 12
9am - 2pm


In this workshop, we will take apart old stuffies and mix them up to create new creatures the likes of which have never before been seen!! 

Week 3

July 15 - 19
9am - 2pm


Tiny buildings with tiny interiors, tiny food, tiny puppets.  If it's tiny, we will be making it in this workshop.  

Week 4

July 22 - 26
9am - 2pm

Doll Fashion

Want to give an old doll an updated look?  Or maybe create an entirely new creature altogether?  In this workshop we will give cast-aside dolls a chance to be admired once again!


Week 5

August 5 - 9
9am - 2pm

Sock Puppet Theater

Sock puppets are not just for babies!  They are hilarious and outrageous, and at the end of the week we will collaborate to make a movie starring our puppets.

Week 6

August 12 - 16
9am - 2pm

Open Studio

Makers will have access to an ever-changing assortment of upcycled materials.  They will use tools, invent techniques, and put their lovely brains to work to transform discarded materials into beautiful, strange, grotesque, bizarre, hilarious, adorable works of art.  

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