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These workshops are an early incarnation of a space I have been dreaming of from the moment my first kid discovered her hands: a space strictly dedicated to tinkering, puttering, testing, examining, exploring, designing, and all the other present participles synonymizes with "experimenting".

It’s human nature to tinker, but we don’t give ourselves the time we need to do it properly. Now that my 3 girls are approaching the age of being every day more drawn in to the time-sucking online world of social media and YouTube, I felt an urgency to create the Low-tech-Maker-Space (is that trademarked now?)-Meets-Art-Collective of my dreams.

Using upcycled materials teaches us all to be thrifty and resourceful and allows me to run on a shoestring budget. Using tape, glue, wire and other low-tech devices lets us all focus on bringing ideas to life - the kookier the better - without the struggle of teaching/learning new complex skills. A connected and safe environment is key to their discovery that working together is more satisfying than competing against one another. This will set the foundation for tackling more technically difficult things. Also, who doesn’t love a hot glue gun?

Which is not to say that I don't intend to challenge them, or myself. I am planning to take them along with me on a journey to learn about simple and eventually more involved mechanical processes and electronics, so we can all really start tinkering TO THE MAX. I will keep you posted on my thoughts there..

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